another one rides the bus

Well, Bus Scheme has matured just a bit. It's gotten to the point where the gaps in functionality are a bit less crippling. But the more interesting bit is that it's hosted at a publicly accessible repository now, so you can grab it if you're interested.

 $ git clone git:// 

I've submitted a rubyforge project, and it should get approved soon so I can upload to it. At that point gem installation should be possible with an ordinary, everyday sudo gem install bus-scheme.

At this point there are still some pretty hairy problems with scope; the implementation is as naïeve as possible. Lexically scoped it is not, and closures are a ways off still. Basic λ functionality is a go. You can peek at some tests to see how far along it is. Everything uncommented should pass; commented tests mean "to do" items.

Also, I've tested it out and it works in Ruby 1.8, Ruby 1.9, and Rubinius. A few folks on the Rubinius team have expressed interest in getting it to compile down to Rubinius bytecode, which would be pretty exciting.

Much thanks go to Courtenay and Garry for helping get the repository public.

REPL it up!

Update: It's now on Github.

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