five things meme

Oh noes—I've been hit. The inimitable Erik Kastner smacked me with an obligation to reveal five "little-known" facts about myself. Normally I don't comply with this sort of thing, but Kastner's a good fellow... I didn't want to let him down. It may be a bit duller than his, but keep in mind this wasn't my idea.

  1. I was caught in a flash flood hiking in a ravine in the mountains of Indonesia. We had just finished climbing (tumbling? scampering? There's a word for it...) about the boulders at the ravine's head and started for home when we were pursued by a torrent of muddy water.
  2. I got drafted into the basketball team in high school because of my height. I didn't stand a chance; it was decided behind my back from the very day I visited the school as a prospective student. I later found out that a few students stood up for me: "What if he doesn't want to be a basketball player? What if he wants to be a chef?" It didn't help, but it did earn me the nickname "The Chef" for a brief while. I was terrible at basketball.
  3. I witnessed an attempted attack on the Western Wall in Jerusalem. I was above the plaza looking out at the city and saw someone make a break from the checkpoint to the crowds at the wall. He didn't looked armed, but he had a bag with him. He was apprehended before he got 5m away from the security checkpoint.
  4. I got my start in programming on QBasic for DOS in 7th grade. I wrote a couple cool games, but I thought I should move on to something more serious and started learning C and CodeWarrior. I always thought the sheer amount of additional effort necessary to get something decent working in a GUI environment turned me off programming until university, but now I'm thinking it had more to do with people. I had a few friends who enjoyed QBasic, and I had nobody to work with on C stuff. It didn't help that I thought "real" programming had to be GUI-related and a huge pain, and that only "kids' stuff" was easy and fun.
  5. I've dislocated both my shoulders multiple times. You can make me quiver in discomfort by merely talking about shoulders the various joint-related problems which can happen to them. Please don't.

I suppose the traditional thing to do here is pass on the meme to others:

Unfortunately they haven't gotten back to me on that.

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