just call me captain planet

Today I have two Planet-related items of business.

Imagine my surprise when I found out I had been added to Planet Ruby. Planet Ruby was actually one of my main motivations to write rPlanet. Maybe as soon as I can get it a little more polished I'll try to see if I can convince Planet Ruby to move away from Python. I'm still a little star-struck to be listed up there with the über-hackers, and thus I don't want my code to be used until it's Good.

The other thing is that I finally got my crontab working for Planet RailsConf, so I thought I'd just throw that out there. If you're going to RailsConf, you can add your name to the roster and you'll start showing up on there too. I'm using Planet RailsConf along with Planet Zacchaeus (friends of mine) as a playground for doing new things with rPlanet.

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