I've been tweaking rPlanet a bit recently. It's been running Planet RubyConf for quite some time now, trudging along happily, but the code was actually pretty ugly. I've completely rewritten it over this past weekend so it's decent and doesn't hurt the brain to look at. (I also managed to cut the line count to about 40% of the original at the expense of a couple features I'll add in soon.) It's pretty encouraging to see how far I've come since last October. Back then I thought my skills were pretty decent in Ruby, but really I was barely grokking Rails and letting my evil PHP habits sneak back in. This time around I've utterly purged them from my system, and no mercy has been shown.

Anyway, I hope I can set up a Planet for RailsConf like I did for RubyConf. Not only is it a good way to see what other people are thinking during the conference, but it's also useful to keep up with all the interesting people you meet.

Unfortunately, I accidentally overwrote some crucial files in Planet RubyConf (think before you untar!) so it's in a state of disarray until I've got a moment to fix it.

So the point is this: if you're interested in using rPlanet, you can grab a tarball and go for it. If you end up using it, add your site to the list.

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