Talks and Presentations

January 2020, Olympia, WA — What is the Fediverse?
A talk about how the Fediverse builds a decentralized system in which you can own your own data free from the control of abusive tech companies.
July 2019, Racket Con, Salt Lake City, Utah — In Production: Creating Physical Objects with Racket [video (starts at 1:35:00)]
A talk about using Racket to produce physical objects including circuit boards, laser-cut enclosures, and microcontroller firmware.
June 2019, BuzzConf Buenos Aires, Argentina — Lisp on a Microcontroller [video]
A talk about using Fennel on the ESP32 device to avoid common pitfalls of "smart" devices and empower end users.
March 2019, Fennel Conf Portland, OR — Interactive Development in 80kb of RAM [video]
A talk covering the use of Fennel on cheap nodemcu ESP8266 microcontrollers.
June 2018, South Sound Developer Group, Olympia, WA — Tales from a Game Jam
A review of the creation of EXO_encounter 667 and competing in the the Lisp Game Jam with Fennel.
November 2012, Clojure Conj Raleigh, NC — The Continuing Adventures of Leiningen [video]
A presentation given at Clojure Conj 2012 under the influence of a severe flu about the development and features of Leiningen 2.
March 2012, Clojure/West San Jose, CA — Swarm Coding [video]
A presentation given on running group-coding user group sessions geared towards exploration and learning.
September 2011, Strange Loop, St. Louis, MO — Getting Cozy with Emacs
A workshop on getting the most out of your Emacs customizations.
November 2010, Clojure Conj, Raleigh, NC — Making Leiningen work for You [video]
A presentation at the first Clojure Conj on Leiningen, the project automation tool.
April 2009 — PeepCode: Functional Programming with Clojure
A screencast teaching functional programming with the Clojure programming language. The first published commercial documentation released for the language. I wrote the script, but Geoffrey Grosenbach did the visuals and narration. Watched by thousands of developers.
December 2008 — PeepCode: Meet Emacs
An hour-long screencast tutorial introducing the GNU Emacs editor. Again, I wrote the script. Watched by thousands of developers. Now distributed by PluralSight.
November 2007, RubyConf, Charlotte, NC — Tightening the Feedback Loop [video]
A presentation given on measuring and improving programming habits.