Over the years I've written and been interviewed about the hardware and software I use. But more recently I've kept a log of changes here for things that are too dull to warrant a full post.

Started working from home on an IKEA Jerker standing desk. Upgraded from a Thinkpad X61 tablet to a Thinkpad X200s; running Ubuntu and GNOME 3.
Started using a Nexus One mobile device. Posted a detailed overview of what I use on my blog. Started using a Kinesis Freestlye Solo keyboard, which was nicer than the MS Natural 4000 keyboard I had before but was still a bit unsatisfying.
Switched from Ubuntu to Debian Stable, mostly out of frustration that Ubuntu had been sinking a lot of resources into redundant projects like Unity and betraying user trust by integrating Amazon services into the desktop. Started using XMonad for tiling window management.
Got interviewed on The Setup about what hardware and software I use. Started using a Samsung S9 for a while in the summer; loved the high-brightness matte display but gave up after a few months because the shallow chiclet-style keyboard was so frustrating to use.
Built an Ergodox keyboard from a kit. Upgraded mobile to the unremarkable Galaxy Nexus.
Designed and built an Atreus keyboard; started using it nearly exclusively.
Got a Novena but didn't end up using it much over the Thinkpad, largely due to making the mistake of buying the "desktop" version which has no battery. Had a custom bamboo standing desk built for me.
"Upgraded" mobile to Galaxy S5 which turned out to be mostly disappointing. Started using XFCE. Upgraded to Thinkpad X301 which is slow but wonderful in every other regard. Got a Thinkpad X260 for work, but hated it because of the low-resolution, dim screen, so mostly ended up using it at the desk with an external display or two. Stopped using package.el for Emacs libraries; switched to using git subtree for dependencies instead.
Stopped using Conkeror as my primary browser due to upstream support being discontinued; switched back to Firefox. Hated it due to lack of Emacs key bindings but lacked any viable alternative. Used AwesomeWM briefly but soon switched to EXWM to allow me to continue using Firefox with Emacs key bindings. Bought a Chromebook Pixel 1 because it has a great aspect ratio, but the glossiness of the screen made it unusuable for anything but video calls. Constructed a standing desk out of galvanized iron pipe. Won a pair of AKG K7XX headphones at a raffle at the Living Computer Museum which turned out to have excellent sound and be very comfortable.
Upgraded mobile to Nexus 5 running LineageOS, which is significantly better than the Galaxy S5 other than the battery, but it's still mostly used only for reading email and fediverse. Got a pair of Tomu devices to use for 2FA which work really well. Got a Glowforge laser cutter, which is amazing. Built an Atreus Deck mini-laptop.
Replaced my mobile with a Pixel 3a, which is one of the few devices available that still has a headphone jack. Major downsides include the non-replaceable battery and lack of SD card slot. It's absurdly large; I have huge hands and still can't reach the top of the screen with one hand. It's tolerable.
Bought an MNT Reform DIY laptop kit. It's somewhat heavy, but it's got a bright medium-resolution screen, user-serviceable batteries, and a mechanical keyboard. The keyboard has some imperfections (the row-stagger makes you contort your fingers event a little more than conventional keyboards) but it's by far the best keyboard I've used on any laptop. Still, I hope to replace it with a column-staggered keyboard using clicky switches at some point. Unfortunately the built-in wifi is plagued by severe range deficiencies. On the other hand, the replaceable standard-sized batteries are a really great feature and the screen is both bright and matte.
desk with three displays