home again

RubyConf is officially over. It was pretty much amazing. I haven't ever brushed elbows with so much brilliance. My only regret is that I didn't meet more people and introduce myself more. I know it'll only be more difficult next year when there are over 500 attendees. Exponential growth, right? It is quite nice to be home back with my wife, but it was a bummer to have to leave.

To cheer me up, it's been raining. Also, the project that Joel and I have been working on, RPlanet, has been getting some notice, including a mention on RedHanded. That was pretty exciting for my first personal Ruby project. Joel and I had it nearly equivalent with the original Python-implemented Planet within the first day (minus the ultra-liberality of its feed parser), and by the second day were working on one-upping it with comment feeds. (Actually, Joel was working on that; I was busy with trademark violations in the CSS.)

I was just shocked and horrified (ok, I was neither shocked nor horrified, merely disappointed) that Planet Ruby was running on (python) Planet. Hopefully they'll switch once RPlanet gets a little more robust. At least Planet Rails is written in Rails, but I was never too impressed with that site. Its subscription to the wiki feed was a real pain, there was downtime all over the place, and it just felt over-engineered. (Why does an aggregator need a database?) Anyway, I hope to have an RPlanet rubyforge page up and make it a gem eventually. So much to do!

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