charging rhino

Wow. I hadn't really felt the need for further affirmation in my path of checking out Javascript more seriously on the server side, but this piece of news sure doesn't hurt. It's especially exciting to hear that there are some really smart folks being paid big money to improve Rhino, one of Mozilla's Javascript engines.

I think Steve does a better job about explaining why JS is less painful on the server side; read up on it. (It's short for a Yegge post.) I'd love to see the core class extensions they've added in Rhino; I wonder if that will be submitted back upstream. I know simple stuff like map is getting included in Firefox's JS engine; it actually might be in it already. The other fun functions aren't tough to implement; the real trick is getting them done in a consistent way so they gain traction and mindshare. I kind of doubt if this Google project has a great deal to offer technically over Helma, (in fact, if they copied Rails' routing, it could be at a disadvantage) but it's definitely got plenty of momentum and public attention pushing it forward, which is at least as important.

Side note: Foo Camp looks awesome. Should be on the watch for any incarnations of Bar Camp in the area.

Also, if you haven't read up on Javascript 2, you need to watch these slides.

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