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So I finally got a replacement for my old MP3 player. While this doesn't have the same advantage of using any arbitrary USB flash drive for storage like the Sandisk Cruzer MP3 Companion, it's still pretty cool.

music player

It was about US$60 for a 1GB device in Indonesia. That is a pretty decent start in that it has a screen and a very nice EQ. But the really cool thing is that it actually plays Ogg files. I had thought that there were only about five (hardware) players out there that did, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this little device. I'd actually been holding off on buying one because I didn't want to have to standardize my library on MP3.

Oddly enough, the official description on samsung.com fails to mention this important feature, instead yammering on and on about PlaysForSure. (blech) Whatever. Apart from the silly name, it's highly recommended.

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