how i learned to stop worrying and love^H^H^H^H tolerate ecmascript

I know, I know, this has been long overdue. But I've finally bit the bullet and dove into enough Javascript to get Concourse all shiny and slick. There have been a few other new features, but the big thing that this new version brings is a usable hour selection widget:

  Nov 26 Nov 27 Nov 28 Nov 29 Nov 30
4: 00 PM
5: 00 PM
6: 00 PM
7: 00 PM

Update: Aggregators seem to be stripping out the fancy JS, so if you see a bunch of checkboxes, you're seeing the degraded version. See the original.

Before this was implemented, my poor users had to click a separate checkbox for each hour they wanted to select. Clearly sub-optimal! Now they can bask in the shininess of Javascript. Provided, of course, that they're using a Gecko-based browser. Support for IE and KHTML is still in the works.

Update: IE, Konqueror, and Safari are now supported.

Other than that, the remaining work is quite trivial. Several people I've mentioned this to have responded with something along the lines of, "Oh... I really need something that can do that!" This provided the motivation for me to dust off the old repository and get cracking.

The biggest thing about developing in Javascript that really annoys me is that it's very difficult to do without using the mouse. Ever since switching to the Sawfish window manager I've been quite spoiled by my newfound ability to do nearly everything from the keyboard—but Javascript wrecks this, and I've got an ache in my shoulder to prove it. Hopefully once I dig into some unit testing for Javascript, things will improve.

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