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Overheard on #emacs:

 *** desolator JOIN 
 [desolator] vii ROCKS!
 *** desolator PART #emacs
 [technomancy] is that the sequel to vi?
 [inkedmn] no,  it's vi for the nintendo wii
 [inkedmn] : p
 *** desolator JOIN 
 [desolator] er
 [desolator] vi,  sorry
 [technomancy] maybe he was talking about final fantasy vii
 [technomancy] in which case he was absolutely correct
 [desolator] : $
 *** desolator PART #emacs

Also, today is Programmer's Day according to Wikipedia.

While we're in quoting/linking mode, James Shore has an interesting article on technical debt. It's worth reading and trying to keep in mind.

Last but not least—I've improved the rhtml-mode for Rails Emacs hacking with some help from pstickne on #emacs. It's not quite ready for a 1.0 release, but if you have been itching for better rhtml support and don't mind playing with prerelease-quality software, go right ahead. There should be more Emacs/Rails goodness coming soon; getting the last few bugs worked out of rhtml-mode was very tricky.

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