18 hours of rails + 6 hours of sleep = 24 hours of awesome

So, Railsday just ended a few hours ago, and I thought I'd give a run-down here.

I got to team up with Cristi Balan and Ferdinand Svehla, from Romania and Austria, respectively. I had originally intended to go with a local team, but the three of us worked out really well as a team—evilchelu's Javascript hacks were very impressive, and fullmoon's troubleshooting saved us a lot of time. The huge timezone differences made things awkward in certain parts of the day, but both my teammates surprised me with their incredible capacity for staying up far longer than is healthy.

checkin graph

In case you're not familiar, the concept of Railsday is that you gather a team together of up to three people, and you build a web application in 24 hours using Ruby on Rails. Today was the second ever Rails Day, and there were a huge number of participants.

The project that we built is called Concourse. Here's an excerpt from the readme:

OK, so you've got this meeting, right? A bunch of people have to come to this meeting, but you don't know when they are going to be available. So what you do is sign on to Concourse and create a new meeting. You give provide some details and a list of folks you'd like to attend. When you're done, each person gets an email asking them to please enter their availability for the meeting.
Each person can then log in with the URL provided in the email to specify the times they can make it to the meeting. In theory, when everyone had entered their times, the organizer would then be asked to decide upon a time, and his decision would be informed by what everyone had said.
concourse screenshot

Unfortunately we came very close to finishing, but didn't quite get in the last feature. The organizer can see all the times people have specified for the meeting, but he cannot decide on one of them and have the attendees notified. Even though it was a bit disappointing to not be able to finish, it was great fun to participate, and we all got some great experience.

Update: The app is up and running at at http://concourse.technomancy.us, It's been improved significantly since the contest.

Lastly, check out all these Railsday photos!

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