in which a peek is given, sneakily

Here's a little glimpse of something I've been cooking up:


I've hinted before about getting interested in mobile development for Android, but this past year Leiningen has really snatched up the bulk of my hacking time. Now that it's matured and stabilized a bit I've had a chance to take another look at Mirah, a fringe JVM language that's perfect for Android by virtue of bringing along zero additional runtime baggage. Ferrante is my first nontrivial app, and it's really been fun to piece together, blazing my own trail.

It's still got some spots where rough around the edges, but there's enough to poke at for the intrepid developer or curious beta tester. Source is on Github. I'll be sure to post more as I get things figured out; with a little more work I think using Mirah for mobile development could really be a lot of fun.

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