in which a peepcode is released

Well, it's finally out! I'm proud to announce that the Peepcode screencast I mentioned earlier has been released and is available for download: an hour's worth of high-bandwidth knowledge transfer as only Mr. Grosenbach can deliver.

meet emacs

Update: PeepCode video courses are now distributed by PluralSight.

You can see a list of topics it covers on the download page. It killed me how much I had to cut to make it fit in an hour! Fortunately the video comes with a document containing a full transcript including scenes that had to be cut, so you can still benefit from those parts.

So far the response has been very positive. It's great to have this out for folks to get started with. I also can't neglect to mention what a pleasure working with Peepcode has been; the whole authoring process is very streamlined, and the deal they offer is very generous.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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