Nipponese crew

Funny Story: at RubyConf we had just come back from Ruby's Diner the keynote was about to start. I was wearing a paper hat I had gotten at Ruby's, and it was getting a lot of comments. Then a Japanese fellow sat down next to me, started talking to me, and took a photo. The thing is, this fellow looked a great deal like Matz. (creator of Ruby) I was pretty excited, thinking I had the chance to talk with someone famous.

Anyway, after we had been talking for about five minutes the real Matz got up and gave his keynote, and I realized he wasn't the guy I was talking to. I don't mean to offend this man—we had an interesting talk—but I was a little disappointed. While I know they probably really don't look much alike, to a ang-mo^Wgaijin like myself they could be long-lost brothers. Note: I realized later it wasn't actually Koichi, the person in this photo, but I couldn't find a photo of the right person.

This made me laugh for a long time.

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