My name is Phil Hagelberg, and this is my blog.

I used to ply my trade by hacking free software written in interesting languages from my home and locations near it, but these days I live on the Thai-Burmese border and sell DIY mechanical keyboard kits.

The archives have old posts. I track my reading habits here too.

If you wish to comment on a post or otherwise contact me, feel free to email me using my first name at this domain. Insightful comments may be appended to posts with permission and attribution. Sensitive data may be encrypted for my public key (3FC33005). My previous key ID was 77E77DDC.

I've been interviewed in various places:

Posts are typed using the Dvorak keyboard layout into Emacs on a Thinkpad X200s running Debian GNU/Linux, usually on an Atreus custom keyboard. They are published via a 75-line Rakefile. Prose contents of all articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License unless otherwise specified.