My name is Phil Hagelberg, and this is my web site.

I sell DIY mechanical keyboard kits and write computer programs—most notably Leiningen, a project automation tool for Clojure developers, Bussard, a spaceflight programming adventure game, and Fennel, a small programming language. I currently work for CircleCI.

The archives have a complete list of posts. I track my reading habits here too.

I am often active (as technomancy) on Freenode IRC channels, particularly the #emacs, #fennel, and #clojure channels. I also post my shorter thoughts to my Mastodon account on the Fediverse.

If you wish to comment on a post or otherwise contact me, feel free to email me using my given name at this domain. Insightful comments may be appended to posts with permission and attribution. Sensitive data may be encrypted for my public key (3FC33005). My previous key ID was 77E77DDC.

I've been interviewed in various places:

I've given various talks and presentations over the years.

Posts are typed using the Dvorak keyboard layout into Emacs on a Thinkpad X301 (formerly an X200s, X61t, and T61p) running Debian GNU/Linux, usually on an Atreus keyboard. They are published via GNU M4, rsync, and a 12-line Makefile. Prose contents of all articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License unless otherwise specified.